Thursday, September 04, 2008

Frampton Comes Alive...again

Last year Mom bought me tickets to see Peter Frampton in concert at Billy Bob's. Scott and I had a great time and I think I might have even blogged about it. This year Justin took me to House of Blues and we saw Frampton again. Justin surprised me with an early birthday present and the two of us went last night. We had a great time and enjoyed the food, drinks, company of each other and the music. The concert was similar to last year's, but still very enjoyable. It was also fun to see Justin enjoying music that I listened to when I was young. Being a musician, he enjoys all kinds of music and was impressed by Frampton's guitar skills. Most of the crowd was my age and older, but there were a few young ones along with Justin. That doesn't seem to bother him at all. He went to a Kris Kristopherson concert with Mom a couple of months ago. Seems that hanging with the older crowd is ok with him. I'm sure in small doses, anyway!

I had a great time with my son last night and love seeing how much he is coming into his own, growing up and becoming a great young man. I'm very proud of you Justin and love hanging out with you. When is the next concert???

Friday, August 29, 2008

Changes going on...

Well, I think we all survived the first week of school. Everyone in our family is now attending school. The kids of course, Scott still working on his degree and I decided to go back to school as well. I started attending community college this week and it's been fun! I think I will get much more out of school than I did in the first half of my life. I hated school and never really put a lot of effort into it. I really regret that, too. But someone told me it's never too late to go back. In fact several people told me that when I started contemplating this.

The kids are back in the swing of things and are as busy as ever. Along with school starting for all of them, so has sports and other things. Dylan is back in baseball through Little League, but is going to try out for the high school team this Saturday and also playing drums for the youth church band. Marissa made the volleyball team for her school (which is really competitive) and she is very excited about that. She is also in Accapella Choir, so we'll be attending concerts through out the year as well. Cassie is having her first football game next Saturday that she will be cheering at. I don't think we are going to have to worry about cheerleading anymore after this year. Cassie is not as enthralled with it as Marissa was. She is already saying that she will not do this again. Which is fine by me and Scott. She is still in Scouts and we'll find something different for her to do, maybe drama or dance. She loves doing both. Justin is also signed up for school again and is now a sophomore after 3 years of college. WHOO HOO!! At least we're finally getting somewhere. Scott and I are really proud of him. He is becoming quite the young man with his own apartment and working all the time. He also called me a couple of days ago and told me not to make any plans for next Wednesday. He wanted to take me out for my birthday. Wow, my son is going to take me out...this will be a first and I'm really looking forward to it.

We're off to camp a little this weekend so Scott and Dylan can go dove hunting. It should be fun. We didn't camp all summer and we always have a good time when we do. Hope the weather holds up. Hope the boys aren't disappointed this year. Our freezer has only halibut, we could use something different.

Until next time...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

In Bed Doing Something I've Never Done Before!

Ok, now...get your mind out of the gutter! I'm sitting in bed typing this blog right now. My wonderful and loving husband thought since I've become a college student, that I needed my own laptop. So today we pulled into Best Buy and I had no clue what we were doing and he was being very vague. I actually started giving him a hard time about not telling me what we were doing. Then Cassie started to give it away and said "Mom, we're getting you something very cool!" She was so excited. Then I knew to keep my pie hole shut and just follow him in the store.

So I'm now the owner of a brand new laptop that is all mine and I don't have to share with anyone! What a sweetie I married! Thanks Scott - you're awesome!

Until next time...

Friday, August 22, 2008

What Do Pink Toilet Paper, Sapphires, a Wallet & Bubblemint Gum Have in Common?

Trying to figure that one out, are you? It happens to be some memorable gifts that each of the kids have given me.

The pink toilet paper was from Justin when he was very young. My mom took him Christmas shopping to let him pick out some gifts for me and all he wanted to get me was pink toilet paper. He remembered some weeks before that him and I had been shopping together and the store was out of this particular color of toilet paper, which is what I bought for my pink and black bathroom. I've never forgotten that gift! Unfortunately, we used the paper but I have memories of my little man being extremely thoughtful.

The sapphires were a pair of earrings that Dylan picked out when he was little as well. He knew my birthstone and that his mom liked jewelry. I believe my mom was with him on this shopping trip and it was for my birthday. I'll never forget how proud he was when I opened up the box and saw the beautiful gold and sapphire earrings. I still have them...haven't worn them lately. Maybe I should do that and see if he remembers them.

The wallet is something that Marissa got me for Mother's Day. It was actually a week or so before. My mom and her had gone shopping and she told my mom that I really needed a new wallet, that I had mine for so long because it was the only one she could remember me having in my purse. So my mom let her get it and she gave it to me that afternoon. It was very thoughtful of her and she just couldn't wait until Mother's Day. I still use that one and probably will until she gets me another one.

And last but not least is the bubblemint gum and what sparked this whole blog. Cassie and Scott have been in NY for the last 6 days and she is getting a little homesick and ready to see me. So we have been talking on the phone quite a bit and a few hours ago she told me she bought me a gift. Her and her AMA (Scott's aunt) were out shopping and she spotted my favorite gum, you guessed it...Orbit bubblemint and asked if she could get it for me. So I have a present coming from NY husband and my Cas-a-fras. Oh yeah, the gum too!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Fun Pictures...

The Mets Disappoint, But the Beach Does Not

We had our 2nd annual trip to Houston to see the Mets play the Astros and unfortunately the Mets lost not only the game we attended Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday as well. Scott and Marissa were very disappointed. But we still had lots of fun. They did a fireworks show at the end of the game that was fablous!

I made most of us t-shirts before we left...Marissa had one with pictures of David Wright on the front and on the back it said "I already found my Mr. Wright". Cassie had one with the Mets logo and "David Wright's future sister-in-law" and mine said "David Wright's future mother-in-law". Dylan and mom decided to stick with the Texas team and we made them Astros shirts. Scott made them run beside the van every where we went! I did something on this trip that I've never done before in my life...I forgot my luggage. We got about half way to Houston and I asked if anyone got my bag from the bedroom and of course no one did. So we had to make a stop in Conroe at the ever handy Wal-Mart to pick up some necessities for me! I found everything but the bathing suit. They had plenty of bathing suits left, but only if you were a size 4 or a 3x, which I am neither! There's bound to be a good joke there, but I'll be darned if I can think of one.

After the staying in a very nice hotel in downtown Houston and attending the Mets game, we took Scott to the airport for his much awaited trip to Alaska. After dropping him off, we were on our way to Galveston. I managed to find a bathing suit and we hit the beach for the day. Dylan and Marissa surfed the waves either by body or boogie board just about the entire time we were there. The waves were huge on Saturday! Cassie made several friends, buried her legs in the sand and buried mine as well. Mom sat under the umbrella and read her book for most of the time. It was an extremely pleasant day in the sun and believe it or not, no one was sunburned. Made it back to our hotel for some fun in the pool and then out for a late dinner (after trying several restaurants and being told it would be a 2 hour wait).

The next day we got up early and headed to Moody Gardens for the entire day. We were there from 9:45 am until 8:30 pm. We did almost everything there was which included an aquarium, a rain forest, imax 3-d movie about sharks (awesome), ridefilm theatre (not so awesome), 4-d movie (short and fun), nice lunch, waterpark, funny clown show (Aga Boom)...I think the only thing we didn't do is the steam boat ride and golf! It was a fun day. Dylan and Marissa got a little bored here and there, but Cassie loved every minute of it. They definately gear it towards smaller kids, but still fun. The kids swam in the hotel pool again that night, we ordered pizza then all passed out from complete exhaustion. Home the next day to see our beloved and very missed pooches! Mr. Higgins and Tipsy were very happy to see us when we got home. They attacked us upon entering the door and Cassie and I can't wait to do the same to Scott when he comes home this Saturday!

Until next time...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Please, Don't Judge...

Well, here are some updates:

Dylan got that earring...his dad took him and he loves it. It is so tiny, you barely even notice it. Earrings on guys are really not a big deal these days, right?!?!

I got my nose pierced...but if you read this blog, I'm sure you read Scott's and you already nose this, I mean know. I really like it, especially since I've changed to a smaller stud. But I still feel like some people are staring wondering "what is this middle-aged women doing with her nose pierced?" Maybe, maybe not! Scott says all we need to do now is let Cassie get a tear drop tattoo and Marissa get implants and we'll be good to go.

Scott and I had a blast in New Orleans. It was really nice to get away together for a few days. Something all couples should do at LEAST once a year! Once again, if you read his blog, we sound like a couple of alcoholics...with all the hurricanes. But if you know Scott, you know he is full of exaggeration. Or did I forget how much we actually drank due to the tropical cyclones??

Justin and I took Dylan to his first concert last night and it was awesome!!! I'm currently still holding up the official "rock" hand signal.
We saw 3 bands, Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey! They were great. All except for the Trick...I think their sound person must have been playing some kind of cheap trick on them because they sounded really, really bad. But at least they didn't play too long. And it was so worth it once Heart came on. They were mine and Justin's favorite! The Wilson sisters did not disappoint at all. Ann can still rock the house with her amazing voice and they did a song by The Who and Zeppelin...rock on dude!!! Uh, I mean they sounded great and I could have listened to them all night. At one point, Justin got goosebumps listening to Ann's voice. But the headliner was Journey and they put on a heck of a show! Even without Steve Perry. Their new singer was almost as good and completely full of energy. Just wondering if the almost 60 year old Perry (who had to have hip relacement surgery) would have been able to jump around quite a much as their new "Perry". It was a very fun night and it was a nice bonding experience with both of my boys. Dylan loved the concert and was having a great time with some friends (we found some fellow Springcreek friends at the show and shared our blanket with them). For a first concert, I think this was perfect, he loved the show, it was completely family friendly (except for the occasional smell of some skunkage) and I knew more of the songs than he did!

We are off this weekend for our 2nd annual trip to Houston to see the Mets in action!! Marissa and Scott are extremely excited about that. It should be lots of fun. Dylan is wanting to wear his Astros t-shirt from last year (he is NOT a Mets fan) and paint his face the colors of the Astros. We'll see what happens...Scott said if he did, he had to find another way to the game. After the game, Scott is leaving for Alaska via Houston airport and then me and the rest of the gang, including my mom, are off to Galveston for some beach time and a day at Moody Gardens. Should be fun!!

Well, that's it for now. Until next time...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I never thought I would have lived to see the day that Dylan got his hair cut off! No, really, I thought the long hair was here to stay for a while. But he proved me wrong last week. Several of his friends got a mohawk and this is a hairdo that has fascinated Dylan since he first saw Paul's (Scott's nephew in NY). But I don't think he had the courage to do something so drastic until he started seeing some others do it around him. Then he went even a little more extreme and had me dye it red. It actually looks a little more on the maroon side. I like it much more than I thought I would and he absolutely loves it! Hey, it's summer, it's cooler, you can see his face and it will be gone by August when he has to start school. But what about that earring he wants?? We'll see...

Until next time...